Malachi Debt Solutions provides professional debt-counselling services to organisations and individuals in line with the requirements of the National Credit Regulator (NCR). We firmly believe that our service makes a positive contribution to strengthen the social fabric of the country, as we are instrumental to advise and educate people about their rights and responsibilities as consumers.

 Our vision is to provide a service that will empower consumers to take the best possible advantage of the opportunities a democratic South Africa has to offer, and to do so in a responsible and informed manner. Through our service we improve consumers’ ability to manage their financial affairs intelligently with the long term view of creating wealth for all. Malachi Debt Solutions is a duly representative of the National Credit Regulator with registration number NCR DC 2698. 

 This proposal therefore is in accordance with the requirements of the National Credit Regulator. A rigorous selection process ensures that we employ only the best, highly competent professional Debt Counsellors. Our organisation has a 100% Black Economic Empowerment management structure and we are fully committed to women empowerment.